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NH Commercial Diving company Black Dog Divers provides Commercial Diving, Marine Construction and Crane and Rigging services and marine equipment sales and rental for commercial clients that need marine construction support in NH, MA, ME, VT, RI and New England.

Commercial Diving, Marine Construction, Video & ROV, Crane & Rigging, and Rentals

You can count on Black Dog Divers’ experienced team of commercial divers and certified diving professionals to support your marine projects with integrated services including Commercial Diving, Marine Construction, Crane and Rigging, Demolition, Haz-Mat Services, Rapid Incident Response, State of the art Video, Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) support and more.

Industry Pioneers
Since 1989, Black Dog Divers has earned an industry-leading reputation for providing innovative, safety-conscious and cost-effective service that delivers results. Our energetic, resourceful team has an outstanding track record of providing clients with rapid, cost-effective incident response services without compromising our commitment to safety and the environment.

Who We Serve
Our experienced commercial divers and marine construction specialists support industries including Hydro Electric, Municipal & Government Water Systems, Cable & Pipeline, Shipping, and more. Engineering firms and general contractors also consistently depend on Black Dog Divers as their partner for as-needed commercial diving and marine construction support for their projects.

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The Right Team, Tools, and Technology For Your Projects
Black Dog Divers is your team for integrated support ranging from single-service commercial diving needs to total project management for projects requiring commercial diving, marine construction, crane & rigging, and related services.


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