Black Dog Core Services

Commercial Diving Services:
State-of-the-art video
Certified underwater welders
Certified underwater burners
Caisson cutting
Emergency recovery
Fish migration
Gate installation & repair
Pipeline installation & repair
Cathodic protection
Corrosion control
Cable installation & inspections
Pile jackets
Concrete pours & repairs
Underwater ship hull

Welding & Fabrication Services:
Trash racks
Stop log panels
Pipe welding & fabrication
Confined space services
Client’s site or our shop

Crane & Rigging Services:
Barge & Sectional Barge Rental
Pile driving
Crane rental
Lagging walls
Steel erection

Demolition Services:
Concrete cutting / demolition
Explosive demolition services
Steel demo and removal
Fender systems
Wood pile cutting
Steel pile cutting

Rapid Incident Response

Remote Operated Vehicle

Haz-mat Services:
Hazardous material diving
Hazardous material handling
Hazardous spill response

Marine Construction Services:
Bridge repair
Cathotic protection
Corrosion control
Drinking water system tanks
      & reservoirs
Fender repair
Intake & Discharge Structure Repairs
Marine encapsulation
Pile jackets and wraps
Pipeline installation & repair
Reef restoration
Scour repair
Waste water outfall
Trash Racks & Stop Logs