Comprehensive Commercial Diving and Marine Repair Services

Black Dog Divers provides a comprehensive range of commercial diving and marine construction solutions for clients across several industries.

Click on the links below to view Key Projects the Black Dog Divers team has performed in each category of services:

Commercial Diving Services:
Brightman Street Bridge – Fall River, MA
Choate Bridge – Ipswich, MA
Wheeler Dam – Salem, MA

Crane & Rigging Services
Pile Driving – Winthrop, MA

Demolition Services
Brightman Street Bridge – Fall River, MA
MBTA – Boston, MA

Haz-mat Services

Marine Construction Services:
Brightman Street Bridge – Fall River, MA
Choate Bridge – Ipswich, MA
Fender Replacement – Groton, CT

Rapid Incident Response Services:
Choate Bridge – Ipswich, MA
Crane Removal from Kennebec River, ME

Remote Operated Vehicle

Choate Bridge – Ipswich, MA

Choate BridgeDuring the Mother’s Day Flood of 2006, Black Dog Divers was called upon to perform emergency repairs to the 240-year old Choate Bridge, an historic double-arch bridge in Ipswich, MA.

The Flood had caused severe scour damage to the bridge pier and abutment, jeopardizing the bridge’s structural integrity. The Black Dog team first had to divert water running under both arches down to just one arch at a time, in order to replace concrete using concrete forms and rebar. Commercial Divers and other crew members used work floats as well as company-supplied equipment and plan designs. The project was completed four weeks ahead of schedule, for less than the initially-proposed budget.


BRIGHTMAN STREET BRIDGEAn old fender system was failing at the Brightman Street Bridge, so Black Dog Divers provided complete demolition of the old system, and total installation of a new fender system, including a new Dolphin fender in front of the fender, specified as part of a MA Highway Plan for the re-build of this structure. This project required removal of hazardous waste, and replacement of the old creosote-soaked piles. Services and equipment used for this project include: commercial diving, pile driving, use of a barge with mounted crane, materials barge, and work floats. All construction was successfully completed in accordance with MA Highway Dept. plans and specifications.